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Cavitation Aerator Impeller

A vital and important plant item for use in floatation clarifiers. This proprietary item is fabricated especially for SSS International as new, or replacement equipment as per the original design specification


All Multi Bed and Deep Bed Filtration as per original specification and supply is available.

Slurry-Mill Seed Preparation

Widely used in sugar factories and refineries all around the world. The SSS Slurry Mill offers fast and efficient seed preparation for sugar boiling

Sugar Supplies & Services International Ltd ™  is a U.K. based company committed to providing the most modern and up-to-date sugar processes to the world’s sugar services industry. Providing leading edge technology and with international patents & Trade Marks under application, our company will up-grade or install new sugar process installations of any kind, factory or refinery design, or supply speciality equipment and specialist services.

  • Super-short Retention Time SRT Juice Clarifier – New/ Expansions
  • Clear Juice Bagacillo Separator – to replace mesh screens
  • Automatic Flocculant Preparation
  • Replacement TLPT - parts and servicing
  • Deep Bed Filter DBF Expansions and New DBF Processes
  • Slurry Seed Mills, Nutsch Filters & Specialist Equipment
  • Syrup Clarification, Filtrate Clarification & SO2 Treatment
  • Phosphatation Clarification & Carbonatation Processes
  • Filtration, Separation & Screening
  • Decolourisation Processes IER, PAC & GAC
  • AutoCrystal – Complete Automatic Pan Boiling Systems
  • Sugar Drying,  Sugar Conditioning &Bulk Sugar Handling
  • Technical Support - Studies - Quality Control; Quality Assurance
  • Factory & Site Project Management

As an established company with major refinery projects, and process installations completed, our team of experienced engineers & consultants have extensive experience and expertise in the sugar services industry. We understand the needs of quality and service to ensure efficient operations to international design codes.