Instruments Spares & Misc. Items


Specialised decolourising agents, supplied together with advice upon usage.


Speciality flocculants for precise duties, such as re-processing of refined sugars, high colour VHP sugars, and raw house processing duties.


Latest technology to eliminate impurities in sugar streams. Using the most up-to-date SSS InternationalTechnology, new and highly reliable methods have been implemented to ensure highest efficiency and improved quality products

TLPT Equipment Spares

As widely requested, SSS Internationalis able to support all TLPT design equipment and provide servicing. Items such as Cavitation Aerators, Talameters, and other proprietary equipment can be serviced, replaced or repaired. Dosing pump equipment a speciality.


Following-on from the hugely popular Talameter purpose designed instruments, specifically designed to measure refined sugar, services are available through SSS International to provide repairs and replacements.